Amber Victorian Tiffany Stained Glass Table Lamp

Amber Victorian Tiffany Stained Glass 2 Light Table Lamp

26" High x 18" Wide


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Product Description

This Amber Victorian Tiffany Table Lamp is a stunning shade of golden amber with surprise bits of color laid within the design. In a true Victorian style, the edge of the lamp is adorned with shades of deep blue, gold, pinkish reds, dots of green and flakes of white and clear glass. This bold design is the perfect look to add to your home, whether as a nightstand in one’s bedroom or as a central art piece in a living room or den area. Those who love classic and traditional style will adore the golden amber hues and the rainbow of accenting colors around the rim as a cherished element of their home décor.


Item# CH1B518AV18-TL2
Size: 26″ High x 18″ Wide
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