Tiffany style lighting manufactured today is based upon the original Tiffany lighting produced by Tiffany Glass Company and Tiffany Studios, founded by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the late 1800s.

Here at, we take pride in selling quality replicas that are produced using the same special construction methods as were used in the original Tiffany items. Each of the hundreds of pieces of glass that can make up an item are cut based on a specific pattern. The pieces are lined up and soldered together using the time-honored copper foil method. This process is critical to the quality of the items we have for sale, and we do not offer items that are not constructed with quality materials and methods.

It is important to note that the natural imperfections, variations, and striations in glass have traditionally been embraced in Tiffany style lighting. Two sheets of artisan glass are never exactly the same, with differences in texture, color, and opacity. Today, we are proud that our manufacturers continue to embrace the unique nature of glass in the designs we offer.

The elegance of Tiffany style lighting continues because of the attention to detail, quality materials, and the timeless methods used in its construction. We enjoy providing you with a wide range of Tiffany style products to choose from, and we are happy to assist in answering any questions you may have as you select the items that will best complement the décor of your home, office, or business.