Mica Mission Tiffany Stained Glass Sconce Light

Mica Mission Wall Sconce

9.5" High x 5" Wide


Product Description

With its mission style frame made of mahogany bronze and amber mica panels, this floor lamp will help guide through your house in the early hours. The light radiates out gently and with a reassuring warmth, making it easy on your eyes, but what we love most of all is the design. Smart, polished, and unpretentious, it’s an easy way to add a straightforward touch of class to your home.

Item# MEY23956
Size: 9.5″ High x 5″ Wide
Delivery: By FedEx Ground or UPS Ground

Our price: $80.00

Additional Information

Dimensions field_5759ab98ad34e x field_5759ab8cad34d in


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