Peacock Feather Tiffany Stained Glass Night Light

Peacock Feather Tiffany Stained Glass Night Light

5.5″ Wide x 6″ High


Product Description

As distinctive as a beautiful Peacock’s feathers, no two shades will ever be the same as their individuality can be as remarkably unique as their personality. This artistic creation utilizes swirling opalescent art glass background combinations including Beige Amber, Yellow Pinks, Red Purples, Golden Blues and Greens, Ivories, Bluish Whites, Turquoise Blues, Periwinkle, Olive and Spring Greens, Pale Yellow, Amethyst, Emerald and Topaz. The eye of the plumage design reveals Purples, Pastel Blues, Teals, Cobalt and Ivories. Individual pieces of glass are hand cut and wrapped using Meyda Tiffany’s famous copperfoil construction. Each shade is a unique work of art with color variations based on natural ingredients inherent in the glass.

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Size: 5.5″ Wide x 6″ High
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