Origin Of Tiffany Lamps

Many who do not know much about Tiffany lamps do not understand why they have such fascination with so many collectors and interior designers. There are many reasons for this but one of the biggest is each lamp was made by hand by a skilled artesian unlike so many which are mass produced for a product that is like thousands of others.
Using discarded pieces of glass from the process of making stained glass panels Louis Tiffany along with others in his glass studio created these fine works of art in light out of what they had been throwing away in the manufacturing process.

From these small pieces of stained glass Tiffany was able to create the gorgeous tiffany table lamps and floor lamps which are now such major collectible items that they fetch extremely high prices in auction houses whenever they go on sale. Plus there is a thriving market for stained glass lamps, which are still made by hand and sold using the patterns, and designs that Tiffany created during his career.

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