Louis C. Tiffany As A Painter

Before there were ever any of his Tiffany lamps or beautiful stained glass panels, Louis Comfort Tiffany was first and foremost a painter. At the age of 17 Tiffany left school to study art with George Innes in New York. In a very short two years one of his paintings was accepted into the Annual Exhibition of the National Academy of Design. Over the next 30 years his paintings, mostly watercolors but some oils as well, were seen in some of the top galleries in such cities as Philadelphia, Chicago, and Paris.


For the art lover looking to see one of the paintings done by Tiffany over the years, these are tougher to find than his antique Tiffany lamps. Only about a third of the paintings he ever did ended up in museums around the world. The rest of his beautiful landscapes and garden images are in private collections.


Tiffany’s skill as a painter is a large part of the reason his stained glass panels were such a success. The beautiful images he was able to capture on canvas transferred over beautifully to glass to create an art form that is now practiced by thousands of glass artisans in their studios.

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